Feeling crabby? The commercial crab fishery season begins Dec. 1 and continues until August 15 every year. Live Dungeness Crab is available for pick up.

Cooking Crab

How we cook our crab:
We use 3/4 cup of Sea salt in a large pot of water (enough water to completely cover the crabs. When the water is boiling, place the crabs into the boiling water (if preferred, back the crabs prior to cooking). Bring the water back to boiling and cook for 17 minutes. When done, place the crabs in to a sink filled with ice water, until cool. Enjoy!

A few cleaning and cooking tips:
Oregon Dungeness Crab is both versatile and easy to prepare. It can be served simple or elegant and is enjoyed, whether on newspaper or fine china with its sweet, delicate seafood flavor.

When the crab cooks, it is transformed to a bright orange color and should be immediately placed in ice water until thoroughly cool before cleaning. Crab may also be cleaned just before the cooking process. This method allows space in the pot for more crab and speeds up the cooking process, (this is my preferred method).

Clean the crab, by removing the back, the gills and viscera, before serving. Serve with melted butter as a dipping sauce. Crab may be picked and served chilled as, Crab Louis or cocktail. Dungeness crab meat goes well with pasta, in casseroles and in seafood based soups.

The average yield for a 2lb crab is 1/2lb of meat.

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