Troll caught, fresh or fresh-frozen, Albacore tuna

Albacore tuna season begins July 1 and lasts through September. Please check with us for availability.

If you would like us to notify you when we have fresh albacore tuna, please send us your phone number or email address and we will be glad to send you a card or give you a call!

We use the jig trolling method of fishing for albacore tuna, to not only ensure a higher quality product, but to enable us to inspect each fish individually. When cooked, albacore has a firm texture, with large, moist flakes and has a mild and rich taste. It is one of the fatter tunas, with an abundance of omega-3, and is the only tuna species allowed to be marketed as white meat tuna.

Filleted fresh-vacuum packed and frozen albacore tuna is ideal for canning at your convenience.

Cooking tips and techniques:

Troll-caught albacore's firm texture and mild flavor lends itself to a variety of cooking methods and preparations. Substitute fresh or frozen albacore in recipes calling for fish or chicken. Use poached or leftover grilled albacore in place of canned tuna.

Do not overcook troll-caught albacore! For moist, flavorful albacore, cook it to medium-rare, or until the flesh changes color and it is no longer translucent. Remove it from the heat while it's still pink in the center, or when it reaches an internal temperature of 140F.

Deep Frying: Use your favorite deep frying method for albacore tuna. We use Bisquick mixed with a room-temperature beer to deep fry the tuna and it is delicious!

Baking: Place the albacore in a greased or shallow baking dish. Baste with a marinade or top with sauce. Bake at 450F for 6 to 8 minutes per inch.

Broiling or grilling: Baste the albacore with your favorite marinade, then place albacore on a greased broiler pan or grate 4 to 5 inches from the source of heat. Cook 6 to 8 minutes per inch, turning once halfway through cooking time and basting frequently.

Poaching: Place the albacore in a large skillet with just enough water to cover. Season with lemon, bay leaf and black peppercorns to taste. Cover and simmer for 6 to 8 minutes per inch.